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It's time to say goodbye.

Part 1/10 of my HSC Body of Work - 'Guanyin'

It has been so long since I had last updated this blog of mine.. red shield appeal feels like ages away. Well, here it is, I'm graduating at the end of this coming week. A part of me cannot wait to dive into my final studies and get the HSC ordeal over and done with but the other part can't detach itself from my grade- HAHS Class of 2012. 

I came to Hurlstone in 2008 and moved from a school that although I academically excelled in, failed to make any friends and was bullied constantly. Coming to Hurlstone and doing that entry exam - this is what I believe to be the best decision of my life so far. I'm not one to be all soppy and lovey dovey but, I have loved every second of my school life here at Hurlstone.

Sure, there were times that I wanted to forget- the zero for Yr 9 PE, the month of therapy the school made undertake because I wrote 'I HATE MYSELF' on my biathlon slip and the horrendous Offline lessons with Crancher- but other than that, Hurlstone will forever be a blissful memory for me. 

I am preparing myself for the week to come. It will be grand, it will be fun, it will be memorable. Let's just hope I can handle the Final Assembly because the moment I hear that song that's played at every farewell ceremony (reminiscing circa 2006), I will be a mess.

It's time to say our goodbyes. It's time to tie those loose ends with people that you never got around to really form good relations with.. it's time to just surround ourselves with the people you love until 2:55pm, Monday the 17th of September, 2012.